Strategic Communication Consultation – Influencing Soft Power through the “Softer Side” of Information Operations

Guy Fricano offers consultation services to military, federal agencies, corporations, and other select clients with regard with strategic communication, and in particular, the interpretive aspects of deep meaning associated with information operations. His areas of expertise include the management of leadership persona, with particular attention to the cultural significance of territories, border regions, sacred spaces, and other geographic considerations.


This approach is informed by the rich tradition of understanding the person within sociocultural context that characterized the University of Chicago’s interdisciplinary Committee on Human Development (now called the Department of Comparative Human Development), from which he graduated with a PhD in Psychology.


Services may be focused around pre-established purposes (such as persona management, counter-propaganda, etc.), but with the flexibility necessary for ambiguous or rapidly developing situations. The development of long-term communicative strategies are also within this purview.


Dr. Fricano has experience designing and teaching about topics including psychological warfare, information operations, and counter-propaganda across a variety of contexts. Courses, symposia or lectures may be arranged to meet client needs.


Services may be donated on a per-case basis.


Please use the contact form on this website for specific inquiries.